Timo Pagel | Web- and Cloud Security Training Expert

DevSecOps Assessment


Using the OWASP DevSecOps Maturity Model, mainly designed by Timo, different dimensions of security in DevOps assessed.

As an alternative, OWASP Software Assurance Maturity Model is used to get an overview and also take topics like governance into account.

Analysis of current security practices and development of a security programm in iterations


Together, we define the best approach to perform the assessment, e.g.

  • Questionnaire
  • Interview
  • Interview with samples

The OWASP DevSecOps Maturity Model with the following dimensions serves as orientation

Build and Deployment


Information Gathering


Test and Verification

Assessment conducted by Timo Pagel

Timo Pagel incorporates his knowledge from over 20 years in operations and development into his trainings. As a DevSecOps consultant, he not only advises at the strategic level but also lends a hand.

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