Implementation of a Capture The Flag

Duration: 1 day


Compete alone or with a hacking partner to “pwn” the store before all other participants! In this intentionally vulnerability-ridden application, you can demonstrate your web security skills and emerge victorious in Capture the Flag. Beginners and experts alike are welcome, as there are vulnerabilities for every skillset. Penetration testing experience is not necessary.


  • Themeing based on the corporate identity of the store’s executing organization
  • Simple theming of facebookCTF
  • Provision of store instances and facebookCTF for the workshop day
  • Extension of facebookCTF with organization-related challenges
  • Preparing and delivering a practice introduction to a topic after each break

Target Audience/Prerequisite:

This course is suitable for all developers with basic knowledge of web applications.

A personal laptop is required.

Learning Objectives:

  • Raise awareness of security
  • Acquiring the destructive mindset of an attacker, e.g. to better create Evil User Stories
  • Learning about attacks and defensive measures